Fantastic New Business Opportunity No 68


Don’t ask where the other 67 went.

Anyway.  Here’s the idea.  Don’t steal it.

People LOVE exclusivity.  They also LOVE fashion.  So Ms M and I have a plan.  We’re going to set up a clothes store SO exclusive that hardly anybody is ever allowed past the door.

It will stock amazing clothes – clothes you can’t get anywhere else.

The Body Con Boxers.  Like ordinary boxers, but with more nitroglycerine.



The Picasso Bra.  Why SHOULD both boobs point in the same direction?

A Bra


The Distressed Dress.  Less a dress, more a hole with threads hanging off it.



There will obviously be a rush of fashionistas and fashionistos (the male version) wanting to buy these items.  But wait – our store will have the most fearsome door bitch since Andy Warhol was turned away from Annabel’s for wearing a fluoro tie.

“You want to come in here wearing…THAT? …

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