‘Thor: The Dark World’ Review


Before seeing Alan Taylor’s follow-up to “Thor,” “Thor: The Dark World,” I happened to read a few reviews.  Some were particularly insulting and mean-spirited, while others seemed not to have seen the first film, which is OK; but don’t complain about understanding the origin of Thor and the rest of the Asgardians when you can’t motivate yourself to see the film that established such things.

It’s akin to someone not seeing “Star Wars,” then watching “The Empire Strikes Back,” and wondering why the guy in black with asthma is so mean.  And what’s with that “Force” stuff, anyway?

Sure, you could do it, though it comes off remarkably lazy (and what’s worse is that many of the people that do so are paid to watch movies).

For instance, it’s been established in the first film that the Asgardians ARE NOT GODS (which is repeated in this movie), nor are…

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