Jennifer Lawrence Scared Of Fame: I ‘Feel Like A Zoo Animal’

Hollywood Life

It’s been a huge year for J-Law, so being featured on Barbara Walters’ ‘Most Fascinating People’ special was a given! However, Jennifer revealed that as an award-winning star, she doesn’t like the way people look at her.

As is the rest of the world, Barbara Walters absolutely loves 23-year-old Jennifer Lawrence. The humble, stunning actress is one of the realest people in the industry, but even with all her successes, her perfect day wouldn’t include any of the lights or cameras — and definitely wouldn’t include the action.

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Olicity Hug Sketch — Complete

Arrow Olicity Lover

Okay, so originally I was going to colour this in. But it’s not working out the way I hoped, so I’ve tidied up the original scan (because the scanner picked up a lot of the erased lines on it) in Photoshop Elements.

It’s tagged as I don’t want people to take it. So PLEASE RESPECT THAT. You can reblog & share it, as long as the tag remains.

Other than that — enjoy! And comment! 🙂

Olicity Hug sketch

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Top 5 TV Couples Of 2013 From ‘Vampire Diaries,’ ‘Castle’ & More

Vote for Olicity guys!

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We asked & you voted: Here are your top five TV couples of 2013! Care to narrow it down even more?

2013 was a huge year for TV couples, and if there was any doubt in your mind that The CW was responsible for most of the year’s shipping, just look at the five finalists in best-of poll! Of course, ABC also has a horse in this race — so to speak — making it anyone’s game!

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Olicity Hug from 2×09 ‘Three Ghosts’

Arrow Olicity Lover

So it was a touching moment near the end of one of the biggest, exciting & very ‘OMFG’ episodes of not only Season 2 but probably the entire show.

I thought I’d share these. I didn’t make them (except crop the first one down). I’d credit the site I got them from but I can’t remember it right now.

Arrow209-2195a^ Using that one to draw them





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Shipping ‘Olicity’: Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity

no regrets

I think this ‘ship has gained a lot of support as the series progresses. And it isn’t hard to understand why fans of the series would want to root for this couple. As a non-DC aficionado, it was only through the grapevine that I learned that Oliver is supposed to end up with Laurel. But having read that canon pairings, although sacred for the purists, are not necessarily followed all the time, I can be as optimistic as I want to be. Cue, Oliver and Chloe in the TV series Smallville.


From the very first time that Felicity Smoak appeared on screen with Oliver, you can already see their chemistry. I know that he’s supposed to be with Laurel as in the comic books but the series already proved that it is willing to change up some of the facts in this DC world, like Laurel’s sister being the…

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