Oliver and Felicity are the latest to join the shipping vehicle and as BIG Arrow fan I totally ship them.

This post is a tribute to why I personally think Oliver and Felicity must be end game:

1.SHE MAKES HIM SMILE: Oliver before returning from the island was different,a jerk,happy and never cared about anyone. He comes back from the island and is scarred,filled with nightmares about losing people around him and doesn’t smile at all because he’s a scorned man and no one can blame him. In comes Felicity all quirky and funny and geeky ,nerdy,sassy and helps him out with his laptop. Se sees through hiss BS stories and even acknowledges it. Oliver in the mean time SMILES. He had never even broken one genuine smile before that. That’s something right??

2.AFTER GETTING SHOT HE GOES TO FELICITY: This isn’t exactly a reason but it’s a statement in it’s true right about why Oliver trusts Felicity. Oliver is a pretty cool person. He has lots of friends, Laurel,Tommy,his family. But no he jumps into Felicity’s car and tells her his true identity. This accordingly shows his faith that Felicity will help him and a big step in their r/p.

3.TAKING FELICITY PART OF THE ARROW TEAM: When Felicity brings Oliver to Diggle and makes him better,without her asking Oliver takes her into the team. It just shows that he isn’t going to shy away from the fact he’s got so much faith in her.

4.THE GROWTH OF A NEW RELATIONSHIP:We know Oliver has lots of gf’s considering is billionaire position. He has a history with Laurel and sara. Dates Helena and is even ready to move on with her untill he finds out she’s into killing. BUT Felicity is new. He sees something more. Not a fling nor a temporary thing but a true friendship. He doesn’t know much about her but talks with her smiles and gets to know more about her.

5.TRUST: Oliver fully trusts Felicity because he knows her and likes her and knows she is smart and would do anything for him.

6.OLIVER WILL DO ANYTHING FOR FELICITY: From what I’ve seen on Arrow so far Oliver will chop of his hands for Felicity. He cares about  her to such an extent he put 3 arrows in The Count for HER. He vowed to not kill anymore but he did and for who?? FELICITY. This is more then enough to understand that Oliver puts aside his values to save Felicity. He didn’t even kill the Doll Maker for Laurel considering she is the so called love of his life.

7.SHE MAKES HIM A BETTER PERSON: Lett’s face it but Felicity brings out the best in Oliver. She makes him choose the best of all the worst options and is correct most of the time. She gives him confidence to do better and make himself a different person and mae him the hero he has become today.

8:FELICITY DOES NOT PUT UP WITH HIS SHIT: Oliver has a lot of ego and thinks he is the boss most of the time but that ain’t going to happen with her. She will never let Oliver jump on her to make himself look right. Felicity stands for what she thinks and tells Oliver with no issues.

9.SLOW BURN: The Olicity pair we see is slow burn and the fact that they don’t kiss or make love is what makes their r/p so interesting. Most r/p we want the couple to just do it already but not with these two. Oliver and Felicity have room to grow. It’s just the 2nd season and I hope they continue it for atleast 8 seasons because the show is that good. Oliver should fall head over heals in love with felicity and that will be the biggest challenge for the writers of the show to build this friendship into something more then hugging kissing and touching. This is what we fans should have.

10.THIS R/P WILL NEVER BE A FLING: The best thing about OLICITY is that it will never turn out to be a fling. Oliver does not feel that way about Felicity and I think the writers have gotten a clear view that a fling is not the best way because of the strong friendship factor in their r/p. Friendship can never over power anything. It’s a beautiful bond that requires more seasons to build before turning this into anything more and as fans we are ready for this more then anything.

The post is long but that’s the beauty of their r/p. It’s an endless amount of possibility for OLicity and I hope the writers realize that this could slowly become a canon r/p overpowering Laurel and Oliver angle.



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