flash on arrow!

Latest news?? Barry Allen a.k.a the flash is going to be on Arrow. I’m excites for sure. According to the description seems like felicity might start having a social life after all. She starts taking a liking to Flash and oliver notices it too. Probably he gets jealous too. Hope that’s the case because it would be cool if it starts something between Oliver and Felicity. As long as the Isabel lady isn’t in the scene everyone is happy. Arrow seems to be getting better day by day with it’s story line and Stephen amell as Arrow is getting better at acting then keeping his face grim and not reacting to anything.



Celebs and their pasties

Why on world are celebs using pasties?? If they really wanted to get NAKED then just go for it and do it with some dignity. If they really wanted a bra we could actually get out some of ours and send them to these celebs. Pasties look weird and disgusting and don’t suit dresses celebs wear. Please STOP!! ¬†Our eyes need some rest!